Building Your Own Website Is Probably A Mistake!
Author: Tom Blubaugh


Building and managing a website is a huge process. It is much more than building beautiful  pages. In fact beautiful pages, in and of themselves, do not necessarily attract viewers.  Beautiful pages don’t cause a viewer to take action–­­calls to action do.

Here is a little test–­­what do you know about these topics?

  • Average load time
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Call to action
  • SEO
  • Bounce rate
  • Content management
  • Keywords
  • Back-end management
  • Fold
  • Stickiness
  • Analytics

These are just a few of the important must knows involved in building and maintaining a site.

Internet Web SearchIf you do a search for free websites, you can expect 2 million plus results. Finding one and  throwing it up on the Internet may seem appealing, BUT­­ consider this–a website works around the clock to  pull in visitors, convert them into clients, and help you reach your goals. AND,­­ when a visitor  sees your site, you have seven seconds or less to draw them in before they disappear.

StopwatchCount  the seconds:­­

  • one thousand one
  • one thousand two
  • one thousand three
  • one thousand four
  • one  thousand five
  • one thousand six
  • one thousand seven
  • GONE!!!

As a comparison there are over 130 automobile manufacturers in the world that make thousands of models. Availability means absolutely nothing if you don’t know how to drive a car.

It would be easy to justify getting a free website, placing it on the Internet, and thinking it is  better to have one than none.

Make a Good First Impression placard with bokeh background

Think about this:

  • Impressions matter–­­bad or good.
  • The average viewer doesn’t buy a product until the seventh exposure.
  • Giving a viewer reasons to visit your  site seven times is  the challenge.

If you have come to the conclusion that you don’t know enough to build and maintain an effective, successful, website–­­start budgeting so you can hire a professional who can.

Change something today to make your tomorrow better.

Tom Blubaugh
Literary Strategist, LLC


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