Are Book Signings Passé?
Author: Tom Blubaugh

The answer to this million dollar question has often been shadowed by e-book sales that, until recently, were the preferred method of reading a book.

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As long as we have libraries, coffee shops, and bookstores, there will always be book signings. Authors, just have to change their marketing strategy to be competitive in the current marketplace. Here are a few tips to make your book signing event the hit of the social season.

Market, market, and then market some more. There are so many ways that people can communicate these days. You have to have a marketing strategy for your book signing that encompasses social media, print media, and word-of-mouth marketing. So develop a marketing plan that will extend your reach as far as it will go and work that plan!

Advertising Online and in Traditional Media Methods

Have a red carpet event and invite local media. You could possibly extend your reach to millions if your event is on a slow news day. Write a press release or have a marketing professional create one that causes all of your assets to shine. Remember a book signing can be used as your introduction to high society, do it right and you will get premium results.

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Be the celebrity, everyone likes taking a selfie with someone famous. Announce that you will also have a photographer at the book signing to take pictures that you will also autograph as well as your book for VIP’s who reserve a spot prior to the signing.

Beste Freundinnen machen Selfie von sich

Grab the microphone and do a reading or talk about your “why” for writing the book. When people are given an opportunity to connect with you before reading your book, it makes them want to know more about you and your story.

Speaker at Seminar Presentation

If someone is doing a book signing for you, like a library or bookstore, make sure you ask the event planner for a copy of the guest list. You can use this information to research who’s going to be in your audience. People are often impressed by your knowledge of who they are when you initially meet them. It’s like calling the cashier at the supermarket by their first name when you’re buying your groceries. Not many people do it, so when it does happen it makes their day.

Even though the traditional book signing has changed with the author doing more of the work than ever before, it is still an excellent way to sell books and build your readership.

Here’s an outside the box idea from a previous blog I posted–The Myth Surrounding Book Signings.

Change something today to make your tomorrow better.

Tom Blubaugh
Literary Strategist, LLC


  1. Margaret Welwood

    I hadn’t thought of offering to pose for pix. Thanks for this idea.

    • Tom Blubaugh

      You’re welcome, Margaret. Thanks for your comment.


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