Tom Blubaugh Literary Strategist Book Marketing Consultant

feature-logo-48-48Tom has been incredibly helpful guiding me in the publishing process. He is patient in sharing his many years of experience, his method and the mindset it takes to be successfully published. He has developed strategies and ideas that enhance my writing without impairing my ability to write my way. Trying to publish with no assistance is like steering a ship with no rudder and no map. Tom is the rudder and map that will assist you in reaching your goals and destinations safely and successfully. We never plan to fail so a plan is needed to avoid failing. Having a wise, experienced strategist will help you reach your dreams and goals today.

Tim B Piatchek, LUTCF
Springfield, MO

feature-logo-48-48I am rejoicing because of Tom Blubaugh! Over my time In consultancy with him, I have been transformed from “a flashlight” into “a laser beam.” My purpose is much more focused than it was when we embarked into our time together — and I was fairly well-focused when we embarked together (or so I thought).

Tom has really sharpened my pencil, so to speak. I have clarity now that my audience is MUCH more specific than I had previously thought. Where I had been seeking to connect with Christians — and also people in Twelve-Step recovery — I now seek to connect with Christian women in recovery whose Highest Power is Christ.

Tom’s incisive questioning and excellent feedback helped me get off the fence and OWN that I am an unabashed, on fire follower of Christ. This help led me to develop a website so born-again women in recovery could find each other as they seek to discern God’s will and how it applies in real life.

Whitney McKendree Moore
Recovery in the Bible
Old Saybrook, CT

feature-logo-48-48I discovered Tom after finishing my first book and landing on the stage of “Now what?!””  As a long time visionary, writer and first time author I can boldly say that Tom Blubaugh has been and continues to be a tremedous blessing.  The publishing process is challenging, but what comes easy isn’t worth having most of the time. With honesty and encouragement, Tom made the process clear and direct with assignments and guidance through the entire journey.  After achieving my goal with the help of Tom’s expert and savy advice I discovered there are always new mountain tops to climb.  Tom will always keep you moving and reaching to be your best.  I found that his extensive experience combined with his availability, approachability, professional network, and objective perspective made me better than I ever could have been otherwise.  If you like being pushed to be your best by someone who allows you to talk and share “your” heart and vision then Tom Blubaugh is your man hands down in my opinion.  As a boot camp fitness trainer and author I say that as someone who pushes my clients and readers to be their best because I want what’s best for them as much as I do for myself–so does Tom.

Rusty Nokes – Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (International Sports Sciences Association [ISSA]) – San Antonio, TX.

Author of:  Christ Fit Fusion –  The Fusion Of Spiritual And Physical Fitness


Rusty Nokes

Christ Fit Fusion






To Whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Blubaugh at a Veterans of Vietnam of America meeting this winter.  I asked him to be a guest speaker for my high school Military History class and share his experiences in the Vietnam War.  Tom was one of seven presenters this semester and he was by far the most eloquent, well prepared and profound.  Mr. Blubaugh came into my class with a special mission.  I could tell he was prepared to educate, entertain and enrich the lives of my students.

Approximately fifty years senior to my youngest student, Tom bridged generations within moments, discussing his life at their age in an entertaining and lesson-learning way.  As he spoke directly to my students he connected with them while linking them to me through our student-to-teacher relationship.  It was as though Tom and I had planned this message.  This concept,  to convince my students of my intentions to lead them to success and their need to follow my direction because I could be a positive agent of change in their lives.  It was a message I would have loved to share, but it was something special coming from a third party.  Tom made that possible for my us.  I was astounded by his ability to connect the entire room through his unique message about life, dedication, mistakes made and personal growth through courage.

I have every intention of working with Tom Blubaugh  in the future.  His knowledge and charisma make for a professional presentation that can reach all audiences.  Tom is a multifaceted man who cares deeply for those he chooses to work with.  If you choose to be among them you will not be disappointed.    I will happily discuss his public speaking abilities further if need be.


Courtney E. Brown
Social Studies Teacher
Ash Grove R-IV High School

1LT, Platoon Leader/ Executive Officer
428th Transportation Company
United States Army Reserves

Ash Grove R-IV High School
100 Maple Lane
Ash Grove, MO 65604


These days, the Internet is awash with professionals, offering to assist authors with all aspects of book promotion.

I am so grateful to have met Tom Blubaugh. Not only is he a literary strategist, he is also a successful author; skilled in all areas of publishing, promotion and the complications involved with traversing the World Wide Web!

I live in the UK. Nevertheless, Tom’s expertise and computer skill means distance is no barrier. I have been working with him for some time now, and my confidence has soared. He is incredibly informative and inspiring.

It was a good day, when I met Tom Blubaugh, and I can thoroughly recommend him.

Y I Lee, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. UK


I had a picture book for children that was doing well in direct (in person) sales, but I needed a lot of help with online sales and social media. That’s where Tom came in. He took care to determine what my goals were, and then led me forward in clear, actionable steps. Now I have a sales site, and a viable and growing author platform online. Thanks, Tom, for all your well thought out, knowledgeable and experience-based support and guidance over the past several months. It is so much appreciated.

Margaret Welwood grandmasbookshelf.net