Do you have a team to help you succeed?
Author: Tom Blubaugh

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Writers are enigmas! Passion drives them to pour their heart out on paper. Then they realize that like the monarch in The Emperor’s New Clothes, they are standing in public in their birthday suit.  That’s why it’s imperative to have “good” team support when you embark on this perilous task. The Emperor had a team, but they weren’t a good team because a good team never allows you to expose yourself to the world without being properly prepared.

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Writing a book is a business and you’ve got to treat it like one from content creation through distribution. You will need a team to pull this off.

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Your team should consist of:

  • Agent – someone who finds you a publisher and represents you in the industry if you want to be traditionally published.
  • Editor – someone to edit your book.
  • Formatter — someone who gets a manuscript ready for publication–paperback and ebook.
  • Graphic artist — someone who designs a book cover.
  • Lawyer – someone who handles the intellectual property matters in regards to your book.
  • Literary Strategist – an industry expert who develops a strategy, including marketing, to fulfill your vision and mission for your book.
  • Publisher – someone you partner with to get your book published and out to the masses. My opinion–unless a publisher can guarantee he can get your book/s into Walmart and other big box stores–self-publish.
  • Small Business Consultant – someone who assists you in developing the business side of your writing endeavors.
  • Virtual Author’s Assistant (VAA) – someone who helps you manage the administrative side of the process by handling things like research, organizing  author’s source documents, getting permissions, interviewing potential team members, setting up focus groups and planning book signings.
  • Website designer — someone who designs your site–not to be pretty, but to be effective in marketing and converting searchers to buyers.

Don’t show up unprepared for your literary future. As a literary strategist, I regularly assist authors in developing a winning strategy that requires a winning team for successful implementation.

I hope you learn solid principles to help you on your journey of success—whatever success means to you.

Change something today to make your tomorrow better.

Tom Blubaugh
Literary Strategist, LLC


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