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Author: Tom Blubaugh

I’m Tom Blubaugh, CEO of Common Sense Marketing Strategies, LLC and Tom Blubaugh Literary Strategist, LLC.

My corporations and I are developing an online authors community–authors helping authors–a new concept for a writing community.

You will be doing yourself an injustice if you don’t fully investigate this new community.

We are looking for authors and writers that are wanting strong support. Most authors seem to be loners. We live in our home offices connected to the Internet.

• How do we connect with other authors?
• Brainstorm ideas?
• Get opinions from other authors?
• Ask questions?
• Get feedback?
• Find quality and trustworthy vendors—editors, illustrators, etc.?
• Find quality and trustworthy marketing support and coaching?

We are also looking for authors/speakers who have excelled in their field for interviews and webinars. If you have expertise in any venue in the publishing industry and would like to be a vendor, we have opened an application process. Please send me your name and your resume. Vendor positions are almost filled, so I need to hear back from you as soon as possible.

Before you make any kind of decision, please visit and watch the video on the home page. Also, all the information about the benefits and membership costs are there.

Best regards,

Tom Blubaugh
Tom Blubaugh Literary Strategist, LLC
Common Sense Marketing Strategies, LLC


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