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Connect With Me

Proven Strategies, Practical Advice, and Expert Resources to Help You Attain Your Distinct Publishing Goals

My Projects

Christian Authors Community

A Community For Christian Authors, By Christian Authors

Christian Book Club

Helping Christian readers find family-friendly books

The Genesis Project

The mission of The Genesis Project is threefold: To promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to offer a perspective on origins, and to provide an avenue to recovery whether it be from false belief or addictions of any sort.

My Books

Night of the Cossack

The author’s maternal grandfather died a year before the author, Tom Blubaugh was born. Years later, the author asked family members about his grandfather and they agreed on four facts. Mr. Blubaugh wrote Night of the Cossack based on these four facts.

The story is set in Russia and Europe during the early 1900’s. The main character, Nathan Hertzfield is a compelling young man and he is faced with many life or death situations and moral dilemmas. Mr. Blubaugh does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the character. The first chapter ends with a cliffhanger and it’s off to the races.

Join Nathan on his suspenseful and intriguing journey. Try to picture what you would have done facing the same decisions.

Thoughts for Deep Thinkers and Curious Space Travelers: Living Lessons God Taught Me

Life lessons are hard to acquire. Mostly we learn through the school of Hard Knocks especially if we are a bit stubborn. Tom is no exception, but he did learn and he is sharing some of the most important living lessons that God ever taught him with you today. From awe over God’s creation to living honestly with God to great ways to save money and other useful living wisdom. Join Tom on his wisdom journey of Thoughts for Deep Thinkers and Curious Space Space Travelers.

The Legend of the Tickle Bugs

Laughter is a wonderful gift. So wonderful that The Great Creator created special places on our bodies that make us laugh when touched. These spots are discovered shortly after birth. Long before a baby learns how to crawl or walk, she knows how to smile and laugh. It isn’t something that is taught-rather it is something that is discovered deep within. Somehow parents instinctively know how to reach these spots with strange faces, sounds, touch and words. This is a story about the creation of the phenomenon known as tickling that produces laughter.

Night of the Cossack Homeschool Edition

Night of the Cossack is a compelling historical fiction adventure about a teenager who is forced to grow up quickly.

Nathan Hertzfield is kidnapped by a Cossack of the Russian Army. He faces many life or death situations during his saga. Join Nathan on his suspenseful coming of age journey through parts of Russia and Europe during the early 1900’s.

Don’t miss this entertaining and intriguing story, Night of the Cossack.This is the homeschool version of Night of the Cossack that pre-teens and teens will love. Packed with adventure and new experiences with a 10-day lesson plan included.

The lesson plan helps students to discover history, weather, math, and science from the early 1900s. Also included are moral dilemma questions for each day.